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Delphi Bio was founded by two thought leaders in the commercial arena of the biotechnology industry. The company was founded to serve the unmet need of providing consultants who have worked for cutting edge biotechnology companies and developed detailed commercialization plans in competitive environments to companies that are seeking to gain a competitive edge. Delphi is able to identify, assess, and suggest strategies that will capture market share in new, and current, areas.

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Jessica Tonani is biotechnology professional with approximately decades of experience in life sciences at firms such as Affymetrix and Sequenom where she held multiple positions including management roles in strategic marketing and product management.  In past positions Jessica has managed product lines with sales in excess of $100,000,000.   Jessica is regularly retained by venture capital firms, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and life science firms, as well as venture backed biotechnology companies. 

Jessica has been widely quoted as an expert in the biotechnology field in journals such as NatureScience, and Genome Technologies due to her experience and in the industry and wide range product knowledge.  Jessica was a Howard Hughes fellow with an MS in immunology and a BS in microbiology.


John Boyce is an energetic leader with over 12 years experience in the life sciences industry. Throughout his positions at leading companies, such as Sequenom, Helicos, and Parallele.  John has demonstrated a proven ability to substantially increase revenue through strategic planning, identification of new market opportunities, and through coordination of a company's marketing efforts with the sales team.

John served as Head of Business Development for Helicos BioSciences (HLCS), where he was responsible for identifying new market opportunities. Prior to Helicos, John was the Senior Director of Commercial Development for Parallele Biosciences, Inc. where he played an integral role of building the company leading to an acquisition of the company by Affymetrix (AFFY). He was the Senior Director of Business Development for Genomics Collaborative where he was responsible for putting in place and building the Sales, Marketing, and Business Development infrastructure. John executed several key deals and played a key role in the acquisition by SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. Prior to Genomics Collaborative, John led the successful expansion of Sequenom’s MassARRAY system as Director, United States Sales at Sequenom Inc. (SQNM), from 2000 to 2003.

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